Healthy sitting habits, lead to healthier decision making and proper growth in the youth of today.


Let’s face it. Children and youths alike are growing and learning in a time much different then ever before. Technology has paved a new path, where kids spend more time sitting and less time being active.

This can present a multitude of issues we face as adults as they grow. Society and work-life culture has made sitting a necessary part of life.


So how do we move with the times and technologies?

Well, staying active is and should be priority number one. However, there are times where we need to sit. Students in particular.

So if avoidance isn’t the current reality, looking at how we sit, and how to build better sedentary habits is crucial to the health and longevity of future generations.

So what happens to their mental and physical state, when they’re studying for hours on end?

Here we look at some tips, for a suitable chair solutions for students.


A modern computer chair or a wooden chair?

In a nut shell, it is our expert opinion that the modern day computer chair, is the best investment.

Here’s why.

If you consider the fact that children spend most of their time sitting, either at school or in the home. The amount of time spent doing so is astronomical, when you consider the average life of  your child.

Approximately 8 hours of the day is spent, learning and studying at school.  Another 3-5 more hours at home watching TV, playing games or studying. That’s roughly half of an entire day sitting!

If that much time is spent sitting, then the importance of maintaining good habits, begin with a healthy sitting posture that supports, the sedentary portions of their day.

Parents often face the dilemma of whether to choose a modern computer chair or a wooden chair from the dining room. These decisions, often are derive from either convenience or budget.  We’d suggest to always go for high-quality modern chairs, they are always worth the investment.


Why you should avoid wooden chairs at all costs?

The traditional wooden chair leads to poor posture and poor sitting habits. They were designed to enforce an upright posture, but cannot facilitate, what we call an ‘S’ curvature position of the spine.

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To help optimize proper and healthy growth of mind and body.  It’s necessary to ensure that they are sitting in manner that promotes good posture.

Why is this important?

Well, for starters, incorrect body posture may lead to excessive weight gain, neck, shoulder and back strain, cause fatigue and a lifetime of aches and pains that will only continue to get worse as they get older. The silent killer in all of this is that these problems are gradual and not noticed on a day-to-day basis.

This happens because poor posture over time, lays an unnecessary amount of stress on the lower back, which in turn, creates pressure on the diaphragm, neck and shoulders.  This compounding problem also affects such things as voice quality and breathing as well.

Your child shouldn’t have to bear this burden.

How Modern Student Chairs Support Advanced Ergonomics

The modern student chair design is based on the research of human anatomy and the latest trends supporting curvature of spine.

This helps maintain ergonomics, provide comfort and support good posture. From working behind standing desks to working on active sitting desk chairs, ergonomic chair make you engage your muscles while sitting behind the desk.

Look into these standout characteristics of modern ergonomic student chairs like the one below:

The DROID Multifunction High-Back Air Net-Mesh Chair

Chair Mechanism

Ergonomic chairs are built to be lightweight and comfortable. As children become restless (which they will) they will continue to change their sitting posture.

Modern chairs have the ability to change seat settings and adjust according to needs. Unlike wooden chairs, there can only be one seating posture achieved.

Ergonomic chairs, have more advanced mechanisms that can be adjusted. Such things as, knee-tilt, synchro-tilt or full-swing, automatically adjusting back and seat pan. The ultimate support and comfort chair for long hours.

Adjustable Height & Seat

Children can adjust seat height and armrests according to their requirement. This also helps to avoid stress caused to the neck and shoulders, due to prolonged hours.

Swivel Base

Children gets mobile with this feature. The swivel base of modern computer chair offers flexibility and mobility around the workspace. This in turn, helps student to avoid fatigue and concentrate more.

All of the modern office chair seating, solutions at OFWD are ergonomically designed. Some with more customizations than others.

What does the future hold?

Well, if sitting and leading the sedentary life is not what you want for you and your children. Be part of the modern office revolution, that takes working/studying at your desk, to whole new heights.

Either way, you will find the best suitable chair for you and your family.
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